on the menu : deconstructed fish “taco” salad


Note to self:  When making fish tacos, do not forget the tortillas :).  This is how my deconstructed fish “taco” salad came about.  I came home excited to chow down on one of my all-time favorite meals and realized halfway through cooking that I had forgotten to buy the tortillas.  So much for tacos!  But no worries, I quickly decided to turn my dish into a salad.

Actually, this all worked in my favor.  I was cooking with Turbot (only fresh wild caught white fish available that day) which is not ideal for fish tacos anyway (flakes way too easily, and too buttery in texture).  The crunchy cabbage and peppery arugula were exactly what the Turbot needed as it would have disappeared in a tortilla.

The purple cabbage is dressed in a zesty avocado vinaigrette to make the spiced up Turbot really scream ‘n’ shout bold flavors.  I think the saying goes, “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.”  Likewise when you forget a seemingly important ingredient on your shopping list, just go with the flow, and you won’t be disappointed.


What's cooking?

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